Watercolor Paintings by Huang Youwei

Huang Youwei, aka Dongting Fisherman, was born in 1965, in Hunan, China. He is good at discover everyday life and to extract the sweetness from the chaos of life. He passionate about life and inspired by every little detail. He express the inner feelings through his paintings. His works are fresh, full of sunshine and vitality. By combines the western and eastern skill and style, in the last decade he has made ​​a great achievement in Art and become one of the most successful contemporary watercolor artist in China.

黃有維,別名洞庭漁夫,生於 1965 年,湖南岳陽市。他善於從生活中尋找創作的靈感,並從紛亂的生活中找到希望。他熱愛生活,我們周遭許多微小的事物都會令他感動。他透過作品傳達他內心的感受,風格清新,充滿了陽光與活力。以結合東西兩方的技術與風格,在過去十年他已經躋身中國當代最成功的水彩畫家之一。

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