Voltaire Desk by Paco Camús

When you acquire a design from Spanish private collection furniture brand Paco Camús is not just a simple purchase but a solid investment. Their designs are born apart from new trends. The quality of the materials they use is for finer and finer, so it can be pass by generations and without losing their original beauty. Here is the “Voltaire” desk that “inebriated inspiration the word hunter opens and closes his trap.”

當你購買西班牙的私人收藏家具品牌 Paco Camús 的作品時,不只是一筆簡單的交易,而是一項投資!他們選擇最好的原料進行設計與製造,讓這些量身訂做的家具可以代代相傳而且不減損它們原來的美麗。這裡介紹的是最新的〝Voltaire〞寫字檯,是為了〝啟發酒醉的文字獵人開啟與關閉他們的陷阱〞而設計。


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