Visual Art Painting by Patrice Murciano

Patrice Murciano was born in Belfort in 1969. He moved to Montpellier from an early age. He starts reproducing characters from comics in the age of 6, then he continues to draw his mother in makeup when he ‘s just 8. And then he exhibited his first painting at the age of 12 in a group exhibition. After 18, he devote himself to the photo, portraits, nude, and fashion illustrations.

Patrice is primarily interested in the woman and eroticism, which can see from the images here. With the colorful female portraits, he destroyed then recompose the woman he wants to be “perfect” in the balance of lines, curves and bright colors.

法國藝術家 Patrice Murciano 生於 1969 年,他在 6 歲的時候開始畫畫;8 歲的時候開始為他的母親繪製肖像;12 歲時作品就參與聯展;16 歲接觸攝影;18 歲就已經獲得獎項並創造了自己的繪畫風格並投身時尚、情色、人像繪畫的領域。

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