Unbelievable Celebrity Portraits by Nikki Douthwaite

UK based artist Nikki Douthwaite made this incredible “Dot Art” celebrity portraits only by hole-punch dots. As she claimed on her facebook fanpage, her work is “Art work that takes ages and will hurt your eyes.” She sorts the dots by color and then painstakingly arranges them using a pair of tweezers into incredible portraits. She’s created these amazing portraits for past three years, John Lennon and Marilyn Monroe are each composed of 99,000 hole-punch dots, whereas Jimi Hendrix is made up of an astounding 150,000. “The idea to use hole-punch dots came from studying pointalist artist (Georges) Seurat for my degree. I don’t really have a trick, just hard work and an obsession.”, she said.

英國藝術家 Nikki Douthwaite 利用打孔機打完孔後留下的圓形紙片創作了這些驚人的明星〝點點〞拼貼畫像。她在自己的臉書上聲稱她的作品是〝製作耗時而且傷眼的藝術作品〞。她將不同顏色的圓形點點分類,然後用鑷子一張一張精心排放而組成這些人像。過去三年她完成了許多不同的明星、名人肖像,約翰藍儂與瑪麗蓮夢露的肖像各使用了 99,000 片點點,而吉米罕醉斯的肖像甚至用了超過 15 萬片。

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