‘Street Ghosts’ Stencil Art by Paolo Cirio

We’ve seen a lot of hilarious images from Google Street View and have a good laugh at it. But New York based artist Paolo Cirio has turn it into stencil art – “Street Ghosts“. In the hippest areas for Street Art, life-sized pictures of people found on Google’s Street View were printed and posted at the same spot where they were taken. The posters are printed in color on thin paper, cut along the outline, and then affixed with wheatpaste on the walls of public buildings at the precise spot on the wall where they appear in Google’s Street View image.

“My artwork investigates the power of information, and thus human languages, the flow of communication and related media. I’m particularly interested in how specific arrangements of information influence the creation and perception of political, cultural and economic reality, as well as personal emotional states, interpersonal relationships and instinctive human behavior.”, Paolo said.

我們看過許多被 Google 街景車拍到的好笑照片並分享給親朋好友讓大家一起笑一下。不過紐約街頭藝術家 Paolo Cirio 則是以此為啟發創作出〝Street Ghosts(街頭的鬼)〞系列拼貼。他利用 Google Map 在熱門的街頭創作區搜尋,將找到的人以等比例印刷出來然後依照圖形上的角度與位置貼在建築或是街上。非常棒的點子!

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