Smoth Heros Posters – Grégoire Guillemin

French graphic designer and illustrator Grégoire Guillemin is an eclectic graphical gamer and also a creative director, he must really have a thing with comic Superheros as well. He uses Illustrator and Photoshop to create retro and paper-cut style of Superheros that we love. here is his latest “Smooth Heros” series minimalism designs. Enjoy!

法國平面設計師兼插畫家 Grégoire Guillemin 自稱是〝不拘形式的圖形玩家〞,而且他同時也是一位創意總監。他非常喜歡漫畫超級英雄相關的創作,他的復古及紙雕風格的平面設計作品讓人玩味。這裡我們要介紹的是他的最新〝Smooth Heros〞系列創作,ENJOY!

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