Sexy Illustrations by Keith P. Rein

American artist Keith P. Rein combines humor, sexy, and sometimes geek culture to created these erotic illustrations. By depicts female bodies on the wood-grain backgrounds with a strong sexual overtones, his work really turns you on and makes you smile! Please check out his website “The P is for Penis” to see more  of his illustrations.

美國藝術家 Keith P. Rein 結合了幽默、性感、裸露以及有時帶有一點宅男文化的方式創作了這些情色插畫!將性感女體畫在木紋背景上,帶著強烈的性暗示,他的系列〝The P is for Penis〞作品讓人臉紅心跳的同時也會發出會心的一笑!


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