Retro yet modern bicycle – CRUSTED

Designer Vitor Machado make his childhood dream comes to reality. He took the old bike and breathed new life into it – repaired, restored, painted and added accessories. For the passion of retro and modern technology, together he created a bicycle that combines these characteristics. A trip to this classic bike is easy and brings a lot of fun. Perfect bike combines good quality and attractive vintage look.

設計師 Vitor Machado 將他的童年夢想變成真實,他賦予一台老舊的腳踏車全新的生命,他以 DIY 的方式將這台腳踏車修理、重建、上色並增加許多配件。憑著對復古風格與當代科技的熱情,他創造了這台結合不同個性的單車。高品質與懷舊風,其著這台車一定會非常有樂趣!

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