Mind-bending Portraits – Blommers & Schumm

Ok, take a deep breath and keep your head clear then see these amazing portrait images! From Blommers & Schumm for Hector Magazine, they created these portraits that hidden behind the bars. If you want to view the portraits clear, you need to view them further away from your monitor. Try it, you’ll be amazed.

I still feel giddiness now!!!

好了,現在深呼吸一口氣然後保持腦袋清醒,來看看這些驚人的人像創作!Blommers & Schumm 為 Hector 雜誌設計了這些隱藏在線條後面的人像,如果你想要看清楚一點,你必須要離螢幕遠一點才能一窺究竟!試試看,真的很神奇!


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圖形設計 · 插畫繪畫
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