‘Meagan’s Movie Alphabet’ Typographic Posters

Meagan Hyland is a illustrator, graphic designer, and photographer. She really loves typographic design and movies which can tell by her “Movie Alphabet” typographic movie posters. She spent six month to finish this set of alphabets ( still one “Z” to go), after she finish the whole set it’ll be available to purchase as a screen printed poster on her Society6 store.

Meagan Hyland 是一位畫家、圖形設計師以及攝影師。她熱愛文字藝術圖形設計以及電影海報,所以她結合兩者完成了這系列的〝電影海報英文字母〞設計(還差最後一個 Z),等她完成全部之後就可以在她的網路商店買到囉!

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