Longest House in the World – 150M House

Located in Khao Yai, Thailand, this world’s longest house by Shinichi Ogawa & Associates sited on the top of hill and overlooking the rich natural environment. Through the water fall as a entrance gate, the road leads you to the main house, which is simply composed of a white cube and two horizontal plates of 11m with and 150m length.

The only thing this house not shortage of is the liner space, this extremely long planning takes advantage of the beautiful landscape, gaining a panoramic view and a dynamic scale space as the very long deck terrace. And of course, this house also have a airy comfortable living environment.

位於泰國考艾森林的這座全世界最長的房屋是由小川晋一都市建築設計事務所設計,坐落在山丘頂上俯瞰豐富的自然風景。房屋的入口以瀑布為起點,一路到底就是主建築,一間簡單的白色立方體住宅。建地的總長是 150 公尺,寬 11 公尺。


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