Illustrated QR Codes by Am I Collective

South Africa creative studio ‘Am I Collective‘ offers a multi-faceted, collaborative service to advertising industry. This is their ‘QR Codes‘ project for Rediffusion India’s promotional calendar. These illustrated QR codes that depicts strange landscapes, weird scenarios and bizarre characters. The functionality of the QR codes had to be considered in each illustration.

南非設計工作室 Am I Collective 專門為廣告產業提供多面向的整合服務,這裡介紹的是他們為 Rediffusion India 所設計的〝QR Codes〞行銷月曆。以插畫的表現手法,呈現出怪異的場景與故事以及不同的角色設定。而且每個插畫都是一個可以確實執行的 QR 條碼喔!

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圖形設計 · 廣告設計
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