Gamer vs Gamer Illustration by Man Tsun

I will never get tired with Hong Kong artist Man Tsun‘s passionate illustrations! I’ve shared his beautiful splashes illustration and multi-layer transparent illustration, and now he has a new series called “The Gamer“. He create two illustrations with his favorite shooting and action game characters, when they put together, it looks like 2 groups of characters battling against each other. Great idea!!

香港藝術家 Man Tsun 的作品每次都讓我驚嘆!過去我們介紹過他的黑暗華麗插畫多層次透明插畫之後,現在又推出了這個〝The Gamer〞系列作品。他以自己喜歡的射擊遊戲與動作遊戲的角色為主角,分別畫了兩幅插畫,當兩幅畫掛在一起時就像是兩組人馬開始火拼了起來!

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