Country House by DVA ARHITEKTA

Located in a remote, poorly inhabitated part of West Herzegovina canton, this Country House stretches over 35,000 square meters of wild landscape, bounded by strong stone walls. Design by DVA ARHITEKTA. All three units, six buildings alltogether, are carefully placed to gain views according to client’s wishes. The main unit contains the house for the owner, guest house and summer house with vine cellar and place for barbecueing. The interrelation between the houses creates fine outside spaces, protected from the wind, suitable for enjoying time spent on fresh air.

What I like the most is the concrete construction is cladded in stone from the local quarry. Stone frames around the openings in facade, also traditional elements, are here made in plaster and emphasized to achieve the playfulness of basic stone element. And the connections between units are paved in same local stone. The Country House is a contemporary residence house with unique visual attraction.

Images © Rick Cochowski
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