Beautiful fashion portraits – Esther Bayer

Canadian illustrator Esther Bayer loves to experiment with different mediums, styles & colors. She combines traditional and digital elements to create old fashion glam. She seeks to find new ways to make and enjoy pretty things and she find faces fascinating, especially the eyes (that’s also what I love her works). And I also like the way she splashing with colors. Extraordinaire illustrations!

Please visit her Etsy store or follow her Tweets.

加拿大藝術家 Esther Bayer 喜愛嘗試不同媒材的創作,她以不同的媒介、風格與色彩結合傳統與數位的元素創作出許多美麗的復古時尚人像繪畫。她喜歡尋找不同的美麗元素作為創作題材,而人像就其中之一,尤其是眼睛的部份,這也是我喜歡她的作品的原因。而且她使用色彩的方式也是造就出這些不凡作品的原因!

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