99 Steps of Progress by Maentis

’99 Steps of Progress’ is the project inspired by the famous drawing “March of Progress” by Maentis – Paris based collective of artists specialist in graphic design, illustration and street art. By mimicking the drawing of synthesizing 25 million years of human evolution, their artworks will be created on various supports like t-shirts, posters, canvas, stencils…., and they’ll unveil one illustration everyday in 99 days. So far they have 35 done and still ongoing, if you are interesting in their works, don’t forget to follow their Tumblr for the next step!

〝99 Steps of Progress〞是由來自巴黎的一群平面設計、插畫以及街頭藝術家組成的團體 – Maentis 所成立的專題創作。以知名的〝March of Progress〞人類進化史繪畫為啟發,他們打算進行為期 99 天,一天完成一幅創作並以不同的表現方式以 T恤、海報、畫布等媒材開發成產品並進行販售。

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